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How to Fix Waste Counter problem in Epson WF-3620, WF-3640 printers without Adjustment Program.

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:: Waste Ink Counters Reset Instructions

These instructions are very important.
Please you must read

  1. Make sure Your Epson printer is connected to the computer with the USB cable, and is switched On
  2. If your printer is a 3-in-1, e.g. Artisan 730, PX730, SX130 etc, and you have not yet installed the printer drivers, make sure you computer has detected both the scanner and the printer (in the "found new hardware wizard"), and you have cancelled the wizards. (Normally the computer detects the scanner first, so you need to cancel the driver update wizard, so that it can detect the printer as well. If you dont do this it wont work!)
  3. Download the WIC Reset Utility. Click here
  4. Save the file to a folder your hard drive.
  5. Double click the file to run (Make sure you are connected to the internet or else it wont work)
  6. Click button READ WASTE INK COUNTERS.
  7. Confirm there is a counter reading 100%, If none reads 100% just exit the program. (You don't need to waste a key. You printer could be having a different problem)
  9. Type the key that we will send to your email or sms exactly the way it is. Be careful not to type blank spaces!
    Be careful not to confuse O and 0, or I and 1, the key has NO O and I, only zeros and ones
  10. The program will prompt you to turn off your printer.
  11. Click OK, and then turn off your printer.
  12. Your printer is ok now, you can turn it back on and continue working.
  13. We are always available for any assistance you might need. Just contact us by Live Help for any questions you might have.
  14. We will appreciate if you can give us your feedback and your comments.
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